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Quran Memorization Course

Quran Memorization Course

The Quran memorization course involves memorizing the entire book. An individual who has memorized the Quran is referred to as a “Hafiz” in Arabic language. Reading and memorizing the Quran’s verses and Ayah are both considered to be practicing Hifz, which is the Arabic word for learning or memorization.
The Quran is the almighty Allah’s blessing that cannot be replaced by the entire universe, heavens, and earth, and all creatures in between.
The Quran is a sea of knowledge that no book in the world can compare to it because the books of the world are written on knowledge acquired from the Quran, and secondly, because these books are written on some unique features, while the Quran makes every aspect its themes.
No issue in the world has not been addressed by the Quran. Therefore, it is crucial to read and memorize the Quran so that we can refer to it directly anytime we are having a problem. The noblest things in the universe are the mind that comprehended the Qur’an, the memory that held it, the language that read it, the ear that heard it, and the heart that was drawn to it.


How long does it take to complete a Quran memorization course?
Depending on one’s mental effort, memorizing the Qur’an can take anywhere between 1 and 5 years. It would take a person a maximum of five years to remember the entire Quran if they were to learn one page every four days. We have arranged an online Hifz ul Quran program for kids and adults (male and female) with our online Hafiz-e-Quran tutors. Our course is for all ages and genders. 


Course Structure

  • Class Type: One-on-One
  • Class Duration: 60 minutes (recommended)
  • Age Level: At least 8 Years
  • Prerequisite: Quran Reading Course
  • Course Level: Pro Level
  • Course Period: Depends upon the student’s ability
  • Tutor: Online Private tutor
  • Gender: Both Male/Female
  • Languages: Urdu / English


What will I learn in Quran Memorization Course?

  • You will actually memorize complete Quran with correct pronunciation in Arabic accent.
  • You will be given new lesson for memorization daily.
  • Evaluation of the lesson given in the last week.
  • Consolidation of all old lessons.


Student is required to know how to read Arabic words. He/She must have completed Quran Reading once and must have knowledge of vowels, sukoon, madd, tanween and shaddah. If you don’t know, You just need to go through Quran Reading Course first and then you can start Quran Memorization.

After going through this course, students become able to read the Holy Quran by heart with correct pronunciation. Get equipped with the learning of Quran from professional and qualified Quran tutors.

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