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Academy Of Quran

The benefits of learning Quranic and Islamic education online are you can learn from the comfort and safety of your own home, without having to travel or face any security risks. You can choose the best and most qualified teachers from around the world, who are fluent in Arabic and English and have extensive knowledge of Quran and Islam. You can customize your courses according to your needs and preferences, such as the level of difficulty, the pace of learning, the topics of interest, and the goals of learning. You can schedule your classes at your own convenience, and adjust them according to your availability and commitments.
You can have individual lessons with your teacher, where you can get personalized attention and feedback, and ask any questions or doubts you may have. You can benefit from the modern technology and tools that make learning Quran online easy and effective, such as interactive sessions, audio and video recordings, online tests, and certificates. You can save money and time by paying reasonable fees and avoiding transportation costs and other expenses. You can maintain consistency and regularity in your learning, and track your progress and achievements. 
You can learn Quran online at any age, whether you are a child, an adult, or an elderly person. You can fulfill your religious obligation and gain the blessings and rewards of Allah Almighty by learning and reciting His words. We provide our services to our students 24/7 in the whole world with the best Quran and Arabic learning experience. Whenever you like, you can easily learn to read the Quran by selecting versatile timings for you. we aim to give all our students from all over the world the opportunity to read, recite, memories, and understand the Holy Quran.

Our mission

 Our mission is to spread the wisdom of the Quran to all Muslims who live far away from their Islamic homelands or centuries of Islam. Academy Of Quran also seeks to provide students with an engaging and result-oriented curriculum, but with a fun and motivational aspect. Since 2012, we began providing Quranic Islamic education through an immersive online environment. Through daily practice that fits into their busy schedules, we aim to give all our students from all over the world the opportunity to read, recite, memories, and understand the Holy Quran. Our philosophy is to attain the blessings and the joy of Allah Almighty by delivering His message to mankind to our Muslims, Converted Muslims brother and sisters. Our vision is to deliver the knowledge of Islamic teachings with their essence. More importantly, our main goal is to teach the holy Quran online with the applied rules of the science of Tajweed. We wish and love to see our students in their community as role models of Islam and a positive example of human beings. We strive to introduce Islamic ideology to our students through the implementation and teaching of Islamic studies.
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We ensure that islamic learning process is as interactive and beneficial as possible.

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    What Our Students Say About Us

    Alhamdulilah I have studied in this academy for about 6-7 years. I learned alot. It was more than just Quran class. It was also making a close friend. I was able to comfortably ask questions about life and Islam without being judged. The teacher was very caring and always considerate. Would recommend this Academy to everyone.

    Nabeel Ahmed

    I learned very well from the academy of Quran it’s been a learning curve but every day I learn something new and it inspires me to learn more.-Sameer Ahmed


    "I have two daughters who attend academy of Quran via Skype with brother Maaz Asif as their teacher. They have been in attendance for the last 3 years. Brother Maaz Asif is very good at explaining and makes the atmosphere comfortable which I highly appreciate because my kids learn best that way. My daughters are fluent in American English so the transition for them to learn and read Arabic was very smooth. This program has been very accommodating to days and times of availability. They prep the kids to not only read the Quran but also how to pray salat and assist in memorization of surahs; also teach mannerism of Islam and the teaching of sunnah etc. highly recommend! "


    Alhamdulillah my son and me are very satisfied. The teacher is very nice MashaAllah. He teaches my son very nicely and patiently. May Allah give barakah all of your efforts. Jazakumullahu khairan.


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