Academy Of Quran


Our mission

The mission of the Academy of Quran is to provide online Islamic education to Muslims and non-Muslims who want to learn the Quran, Arabic language, and other aspects of Islam. The Academy of Quran offer various courses, programs, resources, and services to help students achieve their goals and enhance their love and understanding of the Quran. Some of the missions of the Academy of Quran are:

To spread the wisdom of the Quran to all Muslims who live far away from their Islamic homelands or centuries of islam.

To provide students with an engaging and result-oriented curriculum, but with a fun and motivational aspect.

To revive the Quranic culture and values in the Muslim ummah and the world.

To produce responsible, proactive citizens and leaders guided by a firm understanding of the Quran who will achieve academic excellence in all subjects.

To provide easy to understand courses, tutors, and support for students who want to start with the Noorani Qaida, learn tajweed, memorize the Quran, or understand the Quran.

To provide further resources, courses, and premium training that take advantage of modern technology and leverage the power of human ren.lationships to help the Ummah reconnect with the Quran